Quick answer: If an NBN Co technician needs to visit or install equipment in your home, we’ll arrange the let you know when you sign up and email you in advance to confirm the date and time of your installation.

Will I need to be home for my installation?

Not all installations require you to be home and Australia Broadband will let you know by SMS if you’ll need to be home for your service to be connected.

If your service can be activated without the need for an NBN Co technician visit, here’s what you’ll need to know about the activation process for your home.

Live in an apartment?

If you live in an apartment and you are getting are connecting to the nbn™ on FTTB for the first time, a technician may need to access the communications room in your buildings MDF. Australia Broadband will let you know by SMS so you can begin to plan ahead.

A technician is being sent to my home – what happens next?

After signing up online, Australia Broadband will notify you within 2-3 working days to confirm your installation date and provide a 4-hour window on this day where an NBN Co technician will complete your installation. 

You or an authorised representative over the age of 18 will need to be home for the installation to go ahead, so it’s important to plan ahead so someone can be home while the work is completed.

Once the technician arrives

The NBN Co technician will introduce themselves and work alongside you to choose the ideal place to install any required NBN Co equipment for your installation. For equipment that’s installed inside your home, Australia Broadband recommends keeping the following things in mind when choosing where you want the connection box to be installed:

  • Within 1.5 metres of an electrical outlet
  • An office or study where you want the connection to be strongest
  • A cool, dry, ventilated area
  • Somewhere with easy accessibility and visibility
  • Somewhere that will not be affected by future renovation plans.

Once an agreement is made where the equipment will be installed, the NBN Co technician will commence the required work for your installation.

What equipment will be installed?

The equipment installed will depend on the nbn™ connection type used to service your address. For example, if your home is connecting via FTTP or Fixed Wireless, the installation will involve a utility box being installed on the outside of your home and an nbn™ connection box that’s installed inside.

What happens once the installation is completed?

Once the installation is complete; the NBN Co technician will ask you to sign a form confirming you’re happy with the work that’s been completed. If you’re not happy with the overall work (e.g. if the NBN Co technician didn’t install the equipment where you asked them to), do not sign the form and get in touch so we can look to investigate the matter further.

Australia Broadband will normally activate your service within 24 hours and send an SMS to let you know once you’re up and running. You’ll then be able to connect your modem and begin using your nbn™ service.