Quick answer: No, Australia Broadband does not charge any activation or setup fees and standard nbn™ installations are completed at no cost to you.

Does the NBN Co charge any connection or installation fees? 

Some homes may be subject to an NBN Co Non-Standard Installation or a NBN Co New Development Charge of $300. If your home is subject to any of these NBN Co charges, we’ll let you know and get your permission before you’re charged.

NBN Co charges are charged by the NBN Co Ltd and not Australia Broadband. If you give permission to go ahead with the NBN Co non-standard or new development installation, Australia Broadband will pass this NBN Co charge onto to you at cost. 

I am renting. Do I pay these connection fees or does my landlord?   

If you’re renting and an NBN Co Non-Standard Installation and/or the NBN Co New Development Charge applies, we recommend you request your landlord to reimburse you the $300 charge in full as it is a once off charge that only applies when you first connect your rented property to the nbn™ (the next tenant won’t have to pay for it which makes it a once off property cost).

Is your landlord unwilling to reimburse you?

If your landlord (or real estate agent) is unwilling to reimburse you for this one-off charge, we recommend you contact and seek advice from your State or Territory consumer protection agency as depending on the law in your State or Territory, your landlord may be required to reimburse you.

Visit the ACCC website on how to get help.