Quick answer: This article will explain what happens when an nbn™ order goes into “Connect Outstanding” and what needs to be done to proceed with connecting your services.

What is Connect Outstanding?

Connect Outstanding occurs when you attempt to get a fixed line phone or broadband service connected at a property, but there is already an active service (that is not owned by you) at that address.

It occurs when you move into a rental or recently purchased property where the previous occupant has not yet cancelled their services (or the cancellation has not yet completed).

Why does Connect Outstanding delay my connection?

The active service must be removed from the line, but because they aren’t your services, you don’t have the authority to cancel or relocate them without proving that you’re the new occupant of the property. The delay is caused by the time spent getting the services removed from the line in a legal manner.

For landline phone services, the “owner” of the service is the person who is recorded on the account as the legal lessee of the phone line (typically the person who ordered the original connection). In some cases, this may not be the same person as the account holder for ADSL services sharing the same phone line.

How will I know my application has gone into Connect Outstanding?

After your order is submitted to the NBN Co (or Telstra Wholesale if you have ordered and ADSL service), we are typically notified within 48 hours if it has gone into Connect Outstanding. We’ll notify you via phone or email if Connect Outstanding applies.

How can I get my services connected?

To resolve a Connect Outstanding and get your services connected, can you please provide one of the following:

For nbn™ connections

  • – The phone number of the active service (quickest option); or
  • Proof of Occupancy (normally takes the NBN Co 5-10 business days)

For ADSL connections

Need to provide Proof of Occupancy Documents?

If you need choose to provide Proof of Occupancy, visit There is already a service connected at my new address but it’s not in my name, what can I do?

What if I actually do own the connected services?

If you’re switching your phone and ADSL services over to the nbn™ using a Fibre to the Node (FTTN), Fibre to the Basement (FTTB) or Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) connection type, then it’s possible that ‘false positive’ for Connect Outstanding may occur if an incorrect phone number was entered when you submitted your nbn™ order. This can be cleared up by correcting the phone number on your order so they match up to our records.

However, if we do find that you aren’t the owner of the phone or ADSL services, you’ll need to supply Proof of Occupancy Documents.


Following this process is recommended because the alternative is getting an additional line connected to your premises, which has a $297 NBN Co Non-Standard Installation fee (for the connection of the additional line) levied by NBN Co.

Supplying the phone number (or Proof of Occupancy Documents) is typically cheaper and faster.

If any additional NBN Co installation charges apply, we’ll let you know how much (normally $297) and get your permission before you’re charged.

If you own an active nbn™ FTTN, FTTB or FTTC service, we can transfer the nbn™ service to Australia Broadband from your current provider (with your authorisation).