My Home has previously been connected to the nbn™

If your home has been previously connected to the nbn™, we’ll normally activate your Australia Broadband nbn™ service within 2-3 days, but sometime it may be as quick as a few hours. We’ll send you an SMS when done.  

It is the first time my home is connecting to the to the nbn™

If it is the first time your new home is connecting to the nbn network, we’ll arrange the first available appointment with NBN Co for an NBN Co technician to connect your nbn™ service. Typically, new nbn™ connections are completed by the NBN Co within 5-20 business days. This varies depending on your nbn™ connection type as well as the availability of the NBN Co technicians in your area.

We will let you know if you need an appointment after you join Australia Broadband. Once your NBN Co appointment is completed, we will need to complete your order on our end. This normally takes a few hours, but sometimes can take longer. We’ll send you an SMS when done.

NBN Co Technicians:

Sometimes when an NBN Co technician attempts to connect your service they might discover that the job will require more work than expected and they may not be able to complete all the work on the day. Sometimes NBN Co technicians can’t make it to your premises on the agreed day due to weather conditions or other unforeseen events. If this happens, we’ll keep you updated as we work with the NBN Co to complete your connection.

NBN Co Timeframes

Please note that these are usual connection timeframes only. We may be able to get you online sooner or your order may take a little longer than anticipated. While Australia Broadband will always do its best to get you connected as soon as possible, it is the NBN Co (or its third party contractor) that performs all nbn™ connections and installations across Australia, therefore connection timeframes are determined solely by the NBN Co Ltd.