Yes, if you already have NBN compatible modem and want to keep using it, you can use your BYO modem with Australia Broadband.

Most standard broadband modems do not support all nbn™ connection types. If you wish to use your own modem, please check with the manufacturer to make sure it can support your nbn™ service.

We provide limited Support on BYO Modems

While our support team will always try to assist, we can only provide limited support to BYO modems. Due to the number of modem models available, our support cannot be trained on every modem and in many cases you may need to seek support from our modems manufacturer.

Not sure if your modem will work?

To keep things simple, we recommend you buy one of our nbn™ compatible Wi-Fi modems. All our modems support all nbn™ connection types and come with warranty protection.

We fully support any modem purchased from us

Modems from Australia Broadband are full supported by our support team and come pre-configured for your convenience so you can plug and play! We’re also able to troubleshoot any issue more quickly and if you have a fault with your modem while you are with Australia Broadband, we will replace your modem at no cost during an extended warranty period of two (2) years.