• Your modem and computer seem like they’re online, but no websites will load when you open your browser.
  • Some websites may seem to load but then not work properly (e.g. Google page will load, but you can’t get results for a search).
  • Other internet functions (e.g. email through an email program like Outlook) may work, but websites will not display properly.

Things to check first

Potential cause
Try this:
Internet connection is downIf possible, check our Network Status website to see if an outage or scheduled maintenance is affecting your internet connection.If there are any error lights on your modem or your computer gives an error message that it is not connected to the internet, you’ll need to troubleshoot your internet connection issues before any browsing issues.
WiFi issuesTo rule out WiFi issues, connect a computer to your modem with an Ethernet cable during troubleshooting.
Speed issuesIf websites will load (but very slowly) you may need to troubleshoot speed issues first.
Data congestionDisconnect any additional devices from your home network to rule out data congestion.It’s also possible that other software running in the background is using too much data flow to allow successful browsing, so be sure to close any file-sharing or online backup software you may have running on your computer.
Firewall or Antivirus settings aren’t allowing browsingTemporarily disable any firewall, antivirus or anti-malware software and attempt to browse again. Please contact your security software’s Customer Support if you’re not sure how to do this, or you need help changing the software settings to allow browsing.
Virus or malware infectionRun an Antivirus or malware scan using your Antivirus software. Please contact your Antivirus software’s Customer Support if you’re not sure how to do this.


  1. This issue should be affecting multiple websites, not just one. Website servers can undergo maintenance or suffer outages just like internet connections. You can check on websites like Is It Down Right Now?
  2. Open your web browser and try to go to your modem’s default gateway. Doing this will confirm that there is not a connection issue between your modem and your computer/device. If you can’t browse to your modem’s default gateway, see No Communication Between Modem and Device.
  3. Clear your browser’s cache, and then attempt to load a website again.
  4. Ping the address “”.
  5. If the ping to was successful, try resetting your browser.
  6. If the ping to was not successful, try pinging “” instead.
  7. If the ping to was successful, then it’s likely that your computer or device has an incorrect DNS server in its connection settings. Try manually setting your DNS server to the Australia Broadband DNS settings.
  8. If the ping to was not successful, then it’s likely that there’s an issue with the TCP/IP settings in your computer. Try resetting your TCP/IP settings.
  9. If you still can’t view websites, please call our friendly Support Team on 1300 NBN AUSTRALIA BROADBAND (1300 023 354)