Quick answer: If you’ve received a message that your monthly direct debit has failed, it’s important to check your payment details are up to date and ready to be charged, as your payment method will be re-attempted two (2) days after your initial payment date.

If we don’t receive your payment within 7 days of your payment date, your service will be suspended; if we still have not received your payment within 20 days, your service will be cancelled.

What should I do if my payment has declined?

There are a number of reasons for a payment declining including insufficient funds, a lost credit/debit card or an out of date payment method (such as an expired credit card).

Check your payment details

  • Ensure there are enough funds in your account to make the monthly payment
  • If you need to update your payment details, simply login to Australia Broadband Online

If you’ve recently updated your payment details after a declined payment, the payment will be re-attempted after the initial attempt.

My service has been suspended

If you’ve updated your payment details after your account has been suspended, this will be stored for your next monthly payment. You’ll need to make a one-off payment for the outstanding balance to get back online.