A miscellaneous bill is only raised on a ad-hoc basis and with your prior knowledge and consent. Miscellaneous charges may include:

  1. NBN Co New Development Charge or NBN Co Non-Standard Install 
  2. NBN Co incorrect call-out

We will send you a miscellaneous bill on or around the 6th of month and you’ll have 7 days to pay it. This bill is separate from your monthly subscription charge for your nbn service. You’ll need to pay this bill using direct debit from your credit or debit card.

No Surprises Guaranteed

You will never receive a miscellaneous bill from us unless you know about it in advance and you have given your consent to incur the miscellaneous charge. You’ll also get 7 days to pay it so there are no surprises and you can better manage your budget.

A small number of homes may be subject to an NBN Co New Development Charge or NBN Co Non-Standard Install of $300. If your new address is subject to any of these NBN Co charges, we’ll let you know before the installation and get your permission before you’re charged.

Updating your payment details

If you need to update the payment details for your Australia Broadband account, simply login to Australia Broadband Online and head to Account Settings and click Store payment details. Follow the prompts and update your details.