We’d love to keep you with us!  Perhaps a different plan could suit your needs?

To cancel your service, please contact us directly on 1300 023 354. We can discuss your disconnection options, make sure you’re getting all the benefits available from your Australia Broadband service or address any problems you may have with your service.

If you’re moving, check out Moving Home instead.

If you’ve decided to cancel your account after speaking to us, we will email you a cancellation request. Once we receive your written confirmation by reply email, we will cancel your account.

Learn more about What will I be charged if I cancel my account?

If you’ve selected to change to another nbn™ retail provider then you may have been offered a rapid transfer. This is a process where your new provider will organise the changeover, including cancellation of your existing service with Australia Broadband.

We still suggest you contact us just to confirm your service has been cancelled and the date of your last bill. With Australia Broadband, there are no lock-in contracts and no early termination fees, so you can cancel your Australia Broadband account at any time.

Unless you have received an email confirmation of your cancellation, we recommend you contact us on 1300 023 354 to make certain your nbn™ service with Australia Broadband has been cancelled.

Depending on the way your new nbn™ retail provider connects you, you may need to contact us to cancel your service. If your nbn™ retail provider performs a rapid transfer, your existing service with Australia Broadband should automatically be cancelled, however if your new nbn™ retail provider orders a new nbn™ connection, your Australia Broadband service will not be cancelled and you will continue to be billed by Australia Broadband. If we don’t receive notice from your new retail provider or you don’t contact us to cancel your service before the end of the month, you will be charged for another month’s subscription.