Quick answer:  Australia Broadband is an authorised reseller of D-Link. All D-Link modems sold by us are covered by D-Link warranty policy.

D-Link warrants that the hardware portion of the D-Link products described below will be free from material defects in workmanship and materials from the date of original retail purchase of the product.

The full warranty for D-Link products is available on the D-Link website.

You must register your D-Link modem with D-Link to receive your 3rd Year Warranty 

To receive your 3rd Year Warranty, eligible product(s) must be registered within 90 days of purchase. Australia Broadband and D-Link have the right to refuse products with visible physical damage.

Manufacturer’s warranty 

Your warranty is provided by D-Link, not Australia Broadband. Under the Australian Consumer Law, there are some warranties and guarantees that cannot be excluded, restricted or modified or can only be excluded, restricted or modified to a limited extent. Australia Broadband excludes all warranties and guarantees in relation to the extent allowable under Australian Consumer Law.

Warranty procedure in 2 easy steps for current customers

If you have an active nbn™ service with Australia Broadband and your modem is within D-Link’s warranty terms, simply follow the below steps.

We fully support any modem purchased from us

Modems from Australia Broadband are full supported by our support team and come pre-configured for your convenience so you can plug and play! We’re also able to troubleshoot any issue more quickly and if you have a fault with your modem while you are with Australia Broadband, we will replace your modem at no cost during the warranty period.

Step 1: Contact Australia Broadband

Get in touch with our technical support. No matter what contact method you use, we’ll quickly put you in touch with someone who is ready to help.

We will troubleshoot your device and do our best to resolve the technical support issue. If the problem persists and it is identified that your modem needs to be replaced or repaired, we’ll verify if the D-Link modem is under warranty, and if so, we will arrange for your D-Link modem to be replaced (or repaired).

Step 2: Returning Process

If your D-Link modem needs to be replaced, we’ll first arrange your replacement modem to be sent to your address. This is to minimise any time offline.

We’ll separately send you an Australia Post reply paid shashat so you may return the faulty modem to us. Once you receive the replacement modem and replay paid shashat, you’ll need to return the faulty D-Link modem (including all accessories and packaging where possible in good condition) to Australia Broadband within 14 days.

What happens if I do not return the modem or the modem is physically damaged?

If you do not return the faulty modem within 14 days or it is identified that the modem has visible physical damage, you will be charged the following fees:

D-Link modelNon-return/damaged fee

The non-return or damaged fee is the cost of a new modem.

Is you modem out of warranty ?

If your D-Link modem is out of warranty, we won’t be able to repair or replace it. In this case, you’ll need to purchase a new modem. To buy a replacement modem from Australia Broadband, simply contact us.

Warranty procedure for former customers

If you no longer have an active nbn™ service with Australia Broadband or are no longer a customer of Australia Broadband you will need to get in contact with D-Link directly.

Your D-Link modem will continue to be covered by the manufacturer’s (D-Link) warranty, subject to the terms and conditions of D-Link’s warranty policy.